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Sociomapping in the media

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Interview with Tomáš Srb To work, rest and play in isolation UK Team Sociomapping Provider network continues to grow in response to increasing interest in Team Coaching solutions.
AoEC joins space crew on mission to test sociomapping Fielden, K. (2008). Wessex Branch. Annual report of The British Psychological Society. New tool for analysis and visualization of teams and populations: Sociomapping
Sykora, I., Nechaev, A. P., Solcova, I., Bahbouh, R., Kozerenko, O. P., Konopasek, P., Kazda, L., Urban, A., Muller, L., Tomecek, A., & Batik, K. (1997). Evaluation of the Dynamics of In-Group Strain During Long Isolation.