What is Sociomapping?


Sociomapping is a method used for data analysis and visualization. It uses the data-landscape metaphor by creating a visually coded picture resembling a map, which can be interpreted with similar rules as landscape navigation. This picture is called a Sociomap.

We are introducing a new revolutionary tool for visualization and analysis of data. Sociomaps (a result of Sociomapping analysis) are complex graphs that resemble a landscape. Your abilities to move in space, for which you are trained from early childhood, will help you to interpret the complex relationships encoded in Sociomap. Sociomap enables to visualize, explore and analyze the structure and dynamics of a system and to present it in a way, which is easy to understand, especially for the public and non-scientific audience.

Sociomapping is based on the theory of fuzzy sets, mathematical topology and pattern recognition. The method of Sociomapping was developed by Dr. Radvan Bahbouh, founder of QED GROUP, in 1993, originally as a tool for the prediction of group dynamics development in stressed teams within the projects of the European Space Agency and the Army of the Czech Republic. During the years of development, the method has been used in many situations when complicated system relationships from the level of small groups to the entire populations were analyzed.


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